In order to purchase memberships or register online, you will need to create an account. Your account will allow you to purchase and manage your various registrations, memberships, family members and calendars. It will also enable access to Front Desk Tools.

Step 1

Visit the website of the club you are wanting to purchase or register for. Click Create Account.

Step 2

Click Sign Up For You. If you are signing up for someone else like your child or spouse, you can still sign up. Create an account for yourself first, and you can login and add the information of your family members.

Step 3

Enter your own personal information when creating your account - not your spouse's or child's information. 

When done press Sign Up.

Once the account creation form has been submitted, the system will send you a confirmation email with your password.  You may need to check your junk or spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox.

Step 4

Using the password you received in your email, login to your account. You can update your password by clicking on "My Profile".

If you have a spouse and/or children to add, click on "Family". Within your "Family" group, click on "Add Family Member" and fill out the information for your spouse or one of your children and continue adding family members until all of your family members have been submitted.