Our Video tools are based on an integration with YouTube via their API.

As such, in order to add videos to your website, you’ll first need to upload them to YouTube. Once that’s done, you copy the URL from YouTube and add the video via the administrator. The major benefits here include free video hosting and a video player that is embedded within your website itself.

Step 1

First Login to Your Administrator Account.

Step 2


Next click "Video" from the left navigation menu, then press Click here to add a video.

Step 3

Select which site(s) you want your video to be shown on from the drop down menu on the top. Next copy and paste your video link from YouTube into the URL. You may choose to categorize your videos into a new channel if you wish. Press Click to submit when finished.

Step 4

Now when visitors visit your site and click on the Videos link on the left menu, they will see your video posted on the site.