Create a Custom Page for any kind of creative content about your organization. Images can be uploaded; different fonts and colors can be applied. 

Step 1


First Login to Your Administrator Account.

Step 2

Click on Custom Pages in your Administrator Area on the left navigation menu.

Step 3

Click Add Custom Page on the top right of the page.

Step 4

Next type in your Link Name, then select the Target Window option. The Target Window option can be used when the content of the custom page is too wide to fit nicely in the usual web site layout / template. Choose "Open in New Window" 

Step 5

Fill in the content of your custom page using the many tools provided in this editor. You can even add pictures and other media if you choose to do so. 


Adding Photos to Custom Pages

Linking a File in a Custom Page

Step 6

If your website is running multiple sites, then select which site you want your Custom Page to show on. It can be the main site only or to one of your sub sites. 

NOTE: If you only have a single site, the below selection box will not be shown and the Custom Page will be saved to your main site.

You can choose to password-protect the site if necessary by checking off the "Password Protect" box. 

Click Add New Custom Page when finished to add your custom page.

Step 7

After you create it, you can choose to disable it, or use Actions menu to edit or delete it. You can use the Copy Public Link to share the custom page you created directly with your users; it can be pasted directly in your emails, newsletters, or media you send out.

**If you have a Plus/Pro site with us and would like to link your new Custom Page to your navigation menu, please get in touch with us at and we can set it up for you.**