Notice Boards are how you can communicate with the most stakeholders quickly.

Newsletters are places to put your important stories that become archived organizational history; this is mainly for cancellations and temporary messages. Guiding your stakeholders to use the website for all information ensures good governance.

Step 1

Login to the to your Administrator Account of your website.

Step 2

Select Notice Boards from the menu on the left navigation menu.

Step 2

Press Click here to post a notice.

Step 3

Select which sites you wish your notice to be displayed on by choosing from Selectable Sites, or you can just choose "--- MAIN SITE ONLY ---" to post your your main webpage. 

Checking off the "Alert" checkbox on the Display As option will display your notice as a pop-up window, whereas the "Notice" option will be shown at all times on your Selected Sites.

Step 4

Fill in your Headline and the content of your Notice. Press Click to submit this notice to finish.