You can add other administrators to your website and restrict their access to specific teams or features of the administrator area.

Step 1


Login to Your Administrator Account.

Step 2

Inside the administrator area, click on Administrators, within the Settings section of the navigation

Step 3

The administrators for your site will be displayed under 2 different tabs; Site Administrators and Team Administrators. The Primary admin for your site will be indicated with a blue "PRIMARY" label.  This "primary" account cannot be deleted, but it can be updated when a new person takes over control of the site.

On this page you can edit existing admins and their permissions by clicking on the appropriate Actions menu. You can also make admin accounts inactive or delete them as necessary.

Step 4

To create a new account, click Add a New Administrator.

Step 5

Fill in the new administrator's personal details. You will need to assign them a username and password.

Step 6

Choose whether the new administrator will have SMART Access, Site Access, or both.

SMART Access - Determines whether this administrator will have access to SMART, based on their defined permissions 

Site Access - Determines which team, league, or tournament this administrator will have Sports and Content permissions for based on their defined permissions

If you are creating another account and assigning the same permissions, you can save time by clicking "Copy Permissions From." The system will copy over the permission settings from the other account into the current one you are creating.

Note that if you assign an admin SPECIFIC TEAM access, they will NOT have access to SMART. You will be creating a "Team Administrator" account and they will be put under the Team Administrators tab upon saving (refer to Step 3 above)

Step 6

Determine an administrator's level of access by selecting the sites, teams, events, and/or features they should have permission to access.  Note that some rows have additional persmissions which can be accesed by clickgin the black button with the triangle on it.

Step 5

When you are finished, click Save New Administrator.