This article will demonstrate how to enter game statistics after a game was completed (post-game).

Step 1

Login to the to your Administrator Account of your website.

Step 2


Once logged in to your administration area on your league website you click "Game Results" to get to the scoring entry tools.


Step 3

Choose your Game Date from the dropbox in (1), then select Edit under to Options column in (2).

Step 4

Update the game's current status to Completed at the top of the page. A pop up box will appear; click Update Standings to mark the game as complete and update the standings.

Step 5

Under the Game Day Rosters and Game Details section, click your Home/Away team to view and submit roster details.

Step 6

Start by checking-off all players that are playing for this game, then enter their jersey numbers as requested in the form. Press Submit when finished.



Step 7

Repeat Step 5 for the other team. (i.e. if you did Away team first, then do the Home team next)

Step 8

Next click Game Details.

Step 9


Make the current game's status is Completed. Next follow the sub steps (2) through (6) and fill out the information accordingly.You can fill in the details of the officials at the bottom of the form if applicable. Hit Submit when done. 


Step 10

Next you will need to fill in the penalty stats if there were any during the game. Under the Penalties section, click Add Away Penalties or Add Home Penalties.

Step 11

Use the form to enter the penalty information. Choose the Period, Time, Penalized Player, Infraction, Length, and PowerPlays. Most of the options have options selectable from a dropbox. 

Step 12

Next you will need to fill in the stats of who scored goals and assists if there were any during the game. Under the Scoring section, choose the corresponding teams to add in the goal statistics.

Step 13

A new window will open so that you can fill out the score statistics accordingly. Fill in the stats, and press Submit to add the goal(s) to the game score.

Step 14

Before closing up for the night; however, you will also need to click the goalie links for each team, review the stats, make any necessary adjustments for time on ice (if a team pulled their goalie), or shots and goals against (if an empty net goal was scored) and submit the stats... even if you haven't changed anything.


Scroll down to Goalie Details for Both Teams at the bottom of the page, and click a team to edit Goalie Details.


Step 15

A new window will pop up and you can enter the game statistics such as Time on Ice, Goals Against, and Shots Against. Press Submit this Information when complete.


Step 16

Repeat this step for the other team's goalie in Step 14, then you will be finished.