You can edit your Team Name and abbreviation by changing it in the Administration area. You can also change how team names appear on your webpage.

Step 1

Login to the to your Administrator Account of your website.

Step 2

Choose your site where your team is in from the drop box in (1). Next choose Teams from the left navigation menu in (2). Then select Edit on the team you want to change or make an abbreviation for in (3).

Step 3

In this page you can edit the Team Information. You can change things from adding your short team name, changing your Home/Away team colours, team logos etc. Make any changes press Click to save this information when done.

You can view more information on how to add/edit a team logo by clicking on the link to this article: How to Post/Change Team Logo.

Step 4

You can use the Teams page shown in Step 2 to change how team names appear in your webpages. Choose from the dropboxes to select between Full, Short, or Abbreviated team names as shown below. Click Save Above Selections to finish.