When sending mail out from Microsoft Outlook (or other mail software), you are 'relaying' the messages from your computer through the mail server and then to your recipient.

Email accounts setup as part of your web hosting package include 250 relays per day.

If you need to send more than 250 emails in a single day, you have four options.

  1. Wait until the next day when the relay counter resets and you are able to send another 250 messages.
  2. Purchase more relays - each block of 50 additional daily relays costs $30.00 per year (contact us for details).
  3. Use your ISP's (Rogers, Bell, Shaw, Telus, etc.) outgoing mail server which is likely to have higher limits (contact your ISP for help setting this up).
  4. Send from your Webmail (http://webmail.YOUR-DOMAIN.com) where this is no daily relay limit.