This article will show you how to upload a Microsoft Word Document or PDF file (or any other media) to the server for clients to download and view. 

Afterwards, you will be able to choose which sites on the public page where the Download link appears so your users can access it.

Step 1


First Login to Your Administrator Account.

Step 2

Click Downloads, then Add a File.

Step 3

Fill in the Date, choose your File, Title, Description etc., as requested. You can choose to Display it immediately after uploading on your Downloads page.

Step 4

Next choose where the file will appear so your users can access it. You can choose Check All to make it appear on all your sites or alternatively choose specific sites this file will appear on.

 Press Click to upload this file when done.

Step 5

After you have uploaded your file, a Downloads link will appear in your navigation menu. Click it to see the available Downloads.

Step 6

After you have uploaded your file, you may want to have a look a the below article on how to get the Download link for the file you uploaded.


How to Get Download Link to File Uploaded on Server