This article will show you how to print Score Sheets from within the administration area. You can print a Score Sheet with team rosters and game details pre-filled, or a blank Score Sheet.

Step 1

Login to the to your Administrator Account of your website.

Step 2

If necessary, select the site you want to work on from Sites page or the drop down list at the top of the page (if it is available). Next click Print Pages from the administrator navigation and then either the SCORE SHEETS or (for hockey related sports only) the BLANK SCORE SHEETS button.

Step 3

If you clicked the Score Sheets button, then click on the date field and choose a date from the calendar. The games from the chosen date will display.

Step 4

Press the blue Print button for the game you want and the printable game sheet will open in a new tab.  Select the "Print" option from your web browser's options to open the browser's print options.  Pressing CTRL+P or CMD+P on your keyboard should work in most browsers.


  • choose the page layout (landscape or portrait) that suits your sport's printable score sheet best
  • the hockey score sheets can be printed on letter sized paper; however, they are best when printed on legal sized paper
  • set all of the margins to 0.25"

Depending on your browser, you may have an option to "Save as PDF" which can be handy if you need to email the score sheet to someone else to be printed.