This article will show you how to combine two player profiles. This may be useful if one person has more than one profile on your site and you want to merge them together without losing information.

NoteThis tool is not enabled by default. Please contact us for more information if you feel it would be useful for your organization.

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account of your website.

Step 2


If necessary, pick the site with the duplicate player profiles from either the Sites link or from the drop down list at the top of the page (if available).  Then click Teams & Rosters followed by Merge Players.


Step 3

Type in your search criteria of the player you would like to lookup. Press STEP 1: Lookup Player to continue.

Step 4

Choose the player profiles from the two drop down lists which appear, then click STEP 2: Select Profiles. The ID numbers shown after each player's name can help you differentiate them.

Step 5

You will be shown a comparison table of the two select profiles. For some rows, selector buttons in the middle allow you to choose which information you would like to keep on the remaining user's profile.  If a row doesn't have selector buttons in the middle, it indicates that the information in both profiles is the same.  Note that some fields may be locked and cannot be changed.

Clicking the selector button on the left will keep the information from Profile 1, selecting the radio button on the right will keep the information from Profile 2. 

Step 6

When done, click the blue STEP 3: Merge Selected Profiles button at the bottom of the page


Step 7

In case you needto undo a Player Merge, you can click the Undo Merge button to do so. 

Step 8

Locate the merge you want to reverse and press the Undo button