This feature is useful when you have created a number of sites that may have the same name but participate in various age groups, etc. It will help you, and your visitors, easily identify which site to pick. 

For example, you may have two (or more) teams named, "Selects". In order to differentiate between them you could create two categories (or more) such as, "Bantam" and, "PeeWee". Then you can assign the sites to the appropriate categories.

Step 1


First Login to Your Administrator Account.


Step 2


Click Site Categories on the left navigation menu.


Step 3

Click Add a New Category.


Step 4

Fill in the Category name, description, type of sport, and an image if you have one. Click Submit this Category to finish adding your category.


Step 5

To assign a site to the Category you just created, click Assign Sites to Categories.


Step 6

This page will list the current sites assigned to which category. Using the dropdown, assign the site to the category you have created. Press Update Category Assignments to complete assigning the site category.