This article will show you show you how to add a Playoff Bracket diagram (tree) to your site, which allows your visitors to visualize the series of games that have been and/or will be played during a knockout tournament.

Step 1


First Login to Your Administrator Account.


Step 2


If applicable, pick your site using the drop down list at the top of the page.


Step 3

Scroll down and click Playoff Bracket on the left navigation menu.


Step 4

Choose the number of conferences your league system has, then press Submit Above Details.


Step 5

Choose the number of rounds your elimination tournament has. For example if you have a Semifinals, Quarterfinals, and Finals, choose '3' rounds. Press Submit Above Details.


Step 6

Name your rounds, choose the number of teams playing in each round, and the number of 'best of matches' for each series. Then press Build Bracket.


Step 7

In this step, you can start filling in your Quarter finalists. If you already have games added to your game schedule, you can select the games below and it will auto-populate the name fields. You can fill in each team's rank coming in to the playoffs and series record if you have that data. 

In the Notes field, you can add game notes. For example, "Team A is leading series 2-0" or "Team B Wins Series" etc.

For the playoff games that have yet to be played, or are waiting for a winner form a previous game, you can put something like 'TBD'.


Step 8

Click the Save Bracket Details button when you are done editing the bracket. Remember, you can save your bracket at any time; you do not have to finish filling it in. You can always come back to edit your bracket by clicking Playoff Bracket on the left navigation menu.