After you signed up for a registration, some organizations may require you to upload a document (e.g. government-issued ID, certification, etc.) for verfication.

Step 1

If you are required to upload a document to your profile, you will be prompted to do so immediately after you login the next time. You will get a modal similar to the one below. You will not be able to access other registrations or make modifications to your account until you upload your secure document to the system.

Once you accept the invitation, you will be prompted to enter any information required by the organization.  A few examples of such information are "Government Issued Photo ID", "Height" and "Citizenship". The below dialog box will allow you to answer question(s) and upload files as needed.

Step 1a
To add a file, press Choose File.

Step 2b
Choose the file from your computer and press Open.

Step 1c
Click Save to upload your file.

Step 2

Once you have uploaded your document, the organization will then verify it. You can view whether your document is approved or not by first clicking "My Profile."

save image

Step 3

Scroll down and you will see the status of your document upload. The system will show one of 3 statuses; Pending, Approved, or Denied. If your document was denied, the administrator will usually give a reason for it and/send an email to you. You can upload a new one, and it will overwrite the current one.

save image

save image

save image