This article will show you how to add players to a team roster without using the (SMART) online registration system.

Do not use this process if you are taking registrations with the online registration tools (SMART).

Step 1

Login to the to your Administrator Account of your website.

Step 2

Select Sites from the left navigation menu, and pick the site in which you wish to add your player(s). Note that you can use the Filter option to find a specific site.

Step 3

Select Team & Rosters (depending on your level of access this link may be Rosters only) from the navigation.  Then from the Actions menu for the team you are working on, select Team Roster. Alternatively, you can click the blue button which shows the number of players on each team's active roster.

Step 4

Click the green Add a Player button in the top-right corner

Step 5

You will then be taken to a form where you can fill out the information for your player. When finished, click either the blue Save Player button at the bottom of the form, or the green save disk button in the bottom right corner of your screen.