If your hockey league requires that players must play a minimum number of Regular Season Games in order to be eligible for Playoffs, you can set this here in your Team & League management settings. This article will also show you how to exempt a player from this restriction.

Setting Minimum Games Restriction

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account of your esportsdesk.com website.

Step 2

If applicable, pick your site using the drop down list at the top of the page.

Step 3

Click Adjust Standings.

Step 4

Under the "Player Eligibility" section, fill in the minimum number of games for Players and Goalies and determine which games count towards eligibility. Once finished, click Submit Eligibility.

Exempting a Player from Restriction

Step 1

If you wish to exempt a player from this restriction, first go to Edit Rosters.

Step 2

Select the team that the player plays for.

Step 3

Click Edit for the player you wish to exempt.

Step 4

Under the "Team & Player Status" section, choose Yes next to the "Exempt from Min Games Played".

Step 5

Save your changes.

Below are the areas of your site which will mark players who have not played the minimum required games. (Playoffs only)

Team Stats on Your Public Page

Ineligible players will be marked with a red icon followed by a line crossing out their name.

Printable Game/Score Sheets

Ineligible players in printed scoresheets will be marked with an "IN" abbreviation (for ineligible), and highlighted in a red box.


Printing Score Sheets

Setting Roster via the Game Results Tool

When setting the roster for a game using the Game Results tool, ineligible players will be marked with a red exclamation and you will not be able to dress the player.