This article will demonstrate how to enter game statistics while a live game is in progress.

Step 1

Login to the to your Administrator Account of your website.

Step 2


If applicable, pick your site from the Sites page.  Once you've chosen the site you want to work on, click Game Results in the administrator navigation

Step 3

Select the Actions menu next to the game you are entering your Live Game for and click Enter a Live Game.

Step 4

If this is the first time you are entering live games, you may be asked how many minutes your games are. This number will be used to calculate Goals Against Average (GAA) for your goalies. Click Save & Continue when finished entering.

Step 5

On this page, you will select which skaters and goalies from the Away and Home teams to dress. Choose Select All to dress all players listed or manually select them one by one as shown below. (Players must be dressed in order for them to be started) You can also edit their Jersey Number and Position by clicking on those values.

Step 6

Click Save Rosters to continue.

Step 7

The Away Roster is now saved. Repeat the same steps as shown above to dress and start players for your Home team and click Save Rosters at the end of the page when finished.

Step 8

It is now time to add your game officials. Add new officials using the Add New Official button. Enter their name and position. Once they are entered in the system, you will be able to select them from the dropdown for this game and future games. Adding officials to a game is optional.

Step 9

Click Save Officials when finished.

Step 10

Enter the number of minutes per period and for overtime (OT), then click Start Game to start your game.

Step 11

You will be able to add and edit all events that take place in your game in this Events page. Here is an overview of each element of the dashboard. 

Click on a topic to learn more.

        1.            Adding a Goal

        2.            Adding a Penalty

        3.            Changing Goalies (for another goalie or an empty net)

        4.            Adding & Deducting Shots

        5. & 6.    Updating Period and Game Time

        7.            Choosing Jersey Color

        8.            Swapping Home and Away View

        9.            Entering a Shootout

Step 12

The events that you add will be listed below. You can use the filters provided to filter out or search for specific events that you are looking for (i.e. player name, goal, penalty, period, etc.) 

If you need to edit or delete an event, you can simply click the Actions menu next to the event to make the changes needed.

Step 13

When your game is complete, click Complete Game and Update Standings at the bottom of the page.

Step 14

On the Post Game page, you will review the goalies' results and stats. 

Step 15

If you track this level of detail, you can edit the number of shots taken by each player including their Plus/Minus. You can also select the Stars of your game if applicable.

Click Save and Exit to finish entering your game.

Step 16

If you need to make changes to a completed game sheet or the game was not entered live, click the "Completed Gamesheet" button as shown below to make the changes as required.

You may also upload a picture of your gamesheet for public viewing using the "Upload Gamesheet" option.