NOTE: The Shootout button will only be enabled if the game is in Period 3 or Overtime and the score is tied.

Step 1

Click the "Go to Shootout" button to go to the shootout page.

Step 2

Enter in the shooters and the result of each shot. You may add more rounds if necessary using the "+ Add Round" button.  The results entered will be saved immediately so that your fans can track the shootout live on your Boxscores page.

Click the End Shootout button to save the shootout, update the standings, and mark the game as completed.

NOTE: Clicking End Shootout will mark the game as complete and update the standiings. Alternatively, you can click the "Close" button to go back and make any changes to other events before marking the game as complete. The shootout stats which have already been entered will still be saved.

To completely remove the shootout from your game, click the Delete Shootout button.