To add photos to your Advanced Photo/News Slideshow, use the following instructions.  If there is no "Include in Slideshow" checkbox in step 11, you do not have an Advanced Slideshow.  Please contact us to set one up.

  1. Login to the Administrator Area with your Administrator Login
  2. Choose Photo Albums from the left menu
  3. Click to Add, Move or Delete Photos from the Front Page Slideshow Images album (you may need to create the album first)
  4. Press the Click here to add a photo to this album button at the top of the page
  5. Give the photo a title (this will be the headline on the rotator)
  6. Click the browse button and choose the file from your computer (no spaces in the file name, for best results, use an image that has the exact dimensions provided – all images will be constrained to these proportions)

    The dimensions vary between Pro sites, but the most common dimensions are 1000x562 pixels - these are the dimensions used for all Plus sites

  7. Add a brief description (this will appear beneath the headline on the rotator)
  8. Submit the form
  9. You are taken back to the main page for the Front Page Slideshow Images album
  10. Click the Edit Properties button beneath the photo you just added
  11. Check the Include in Slideshow button
  12. Choose a newsletter story, custom page or download file to link the photo to from the rotator
  13. Submit the form