If your website have a slideshow (available in Plus and Pro packages) follow the below instructions.  If there is no "Slideshow Settings" button below your photos, your website does not have a slideshow.  Please contact us to if you'd like to add one.

  1. Login to Your Administrator Account.

  2. Choose Photos from the Content section in the left navigation

  3. Click the blue button (in the Photos column) which shows the number of images in each album, to enter the album and view its photos

  4. Click the "Slideshow Settings" button below the image you want to display in your website's slideshow.  If the button is grey, that image is not currently set to display in your slideshow.  If the button is green, that photo is currently being included in your slideshow.

  5. In the settings box which appears, select to include the image your slideshow and then, if applicable, choose one o the Link Options. These will allow visitors to your website to click on the photo in your slideshow and be taken to the chosen News story, Custom Page, etc.

    For the best results, images in the slideshow should have a 16:9 ratio. For steps on how to resize an image to16:9 ration, have a look at:

    Creating a 16:9 Ratio Image Before Uploading to the Slideshow