This article will demonstrate how to create an new event registration.

If you are looking to create a Team Registration for your tournament or league, please review the following help desk article:


How to Create Team Registration for Your Tournament or League

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and go to the Registrations link (in the Registration & Membership section of your administration navigation).

Step 2

Select Add New Event at the top right of the page.

Step 3

Select the type of event you wish to create under the Event section, then click Set Up Registration.


Step 4

You will then be asked to fill in the details of the event registration you are creating. Proceed with completing the information requested in the Registration Form.  

Step 4a

Fill in your Event name and description. After you enter the event's name, you will have the option to copy the details from a previously created event.


Step 4b

Set the Event and Registration Dates and the main person of contact. Set whether you want to show the contact information on the Events Page. 


Step 4c


Set up your Email Confirmation email contact and text which informs registrants that they have successfully registered for your event. Under the Email Text, you can create custom stationery which you can copy over from registration to registration using "Copy Email from Event". Using the editor provided, customize your email confirmation with images, tables, and media etc. Be creative!

Whenever a membership and/or a registration is purchased through SMART; a confirmation email is sent to that User Account holder.  If a Governing Body membership is required for a Club Level registration -- then the User Account holder will receive a confirmation email from BOTH groups:  the Governing Body who provides the membership as well as the Club or Association who is delivering the program the User has registered into. This does not mean the Registrant has paid twice - only that they have made 2 transactions with 2 separate groups in a single process.


Step 4d

Set whether your event Unlimited, Limited, Waitlist Only, or Invite Only. Note the opportunity to add waivers and customize the confirmation email to your Registrants.  


Create an Invitation-Only Event

Making Waitlists and Sending Invitations 


Step 3e

Set up your Event Registration Service Fees. Please read the article if you are not sure how to set it up. 

Step 4f

When completing your form, make sure to read the 
Terms and Conditions, then click Create Registration to finish setting up your registration.