The SMART service fees are structured as follows:


Convenience Fee (Recreation Sports Management Inc.) charges a convenience fee of $2.00 for every paid registration and/or membership. This amount can be passed onto the registrant (USER Pay) as part of a Service Fee, or it can be built-in to your Program Fee (YOU Pay) so that rather than charging $100 for an event, charge $102.

Credit Card Processing Fee ¹

Credit card transactions run through our corporate internet merchant account are subject to a 4% processing fee. This fee covers charges paid to Visa and MasterCard as well as the administrative costs associated with monthly financial reporting and disbursement. This fee can similarly be passed onto the registrant as part of a Service Fee, or it can be built in to your Program Fee (rather than charging $100 for an event, charge $104). The 4% can also be split between the Club and the registrant in 0.25% increments.

¹ If you have your own internet merchant account, or would like to set one up, we can guide you through that process, secure preferred rates and integrate your account into the payment module for a one-time fee that is typically between $300-$500. With your own internet merchant account, you no longer pay the 4% processing fee to esportsdesk, you pay the provider of your internet merchant account. *note that this disables the automatic fund disbursement from a single transaction within federated membership networks. A separate transaction would be required for a National membership that is mandatory for local Club Registration.

Most clients either build the convenience fee and credit card processing fee into their own fees, or pass along the service fees to the registrant, so that using the system would essentially have no cost to your Club. 

Whenever a Club Registration or Association Membership is paid for by cash or check directly to the client organization - will invoice that organization for the convenience fees applied to Non-Credit-Card transactions.  In credit card transactions - deducts the convenience and card processing fees from the monthly deposit to the client organization.