Welcome, new club administrators!

The esportsdesk networked solution for federated models of sport governance is specifically designed for individual members/athletes to engage directly with each  level of organizational hierarchy (international to grassroots) using their esportsdesk Account.  They can agree to waivers; obtain memberships; provide answers to club questions and pay all fees as different line items in a single transaction with electronic transfer or Credit Card.  That same esportsdesk Account can also procure Coach/Executive/Official Memberships if required for other family members and volunteer roles with club or league activities.  

All of this grassroots level registration activity builds a comprehensive membership database for the Club, League, Provincial/State, National and International Levels of your sport -- while also populating the community league management tools for instant sharing of schedules, standings, rosters and more. The esportsdesk solution divides and allocates the appropriate fee amounts to the different levels of hierarchy represented in a transaction.  ie:  Club program fees go to the club.  Regional/League and/or national membership fees are disbursed to the appropriate governing bodies.

Deviations from the esportsdesk designed solution require Administrator intervention.  Some of these variables may include:

- Application of KidSport or other Subsidy Funding >> Club Administrator will use FrontDeskTools

- No Access to Credit Card or e-payment options >> Club Administrator will use FrontDeskTools 

- Club does a Live "Registration Day" on site >> Multiple Club Administrators use FrontDeskTools

Note to Club Administrators & Athletes:  Plan for Credit Card or electronic payment. The implementation of  Credit Card and online payments marks the intentional phasing-out of check payments.  

Getting your CLUB started in a "Networked Solution" including Governing Bodies and/or Community Leagues.

Login to your Administrator account of your FREE Site.  Your Administrator User Name & Password were provided via email when your FREE site was issued by esportsdesk.com. (check your Junk Folder!)