You can choose to copy events from a previous season when creating a new season. This can save you a lot of time without having to retype the same events from last season.

Step 1

Login to the to your Administrator Account of your website.



Step 2

Create new season under the league site so that SMART associates with the newly created season. Click Add a New Season.



Step 3

Fill in the information below accordingly. Press Click to Submit

Step 4

Copy only Divisions, Game Times, Locations, and Location Sites.  If all of the participating teams will be registering through online registration, then you should not copy the teams from a prior season.  If all of your players will be registering through online registration, then you should not copy rosters from a prior season.


Step 5

Next go to SMART and click Seasons on the left navigation menu, then click Add A New Season for SMART.


Step 6

Fill in your new season information.

Under the Dates, 2 calendars will pop up; select your season start date on the first calendar, and the end date on the second. 

Then select whether you would like to copy events from a previous season. If so you will get you will get the option to choose which registrations you wish to copy over in the next screen. 

Click Proceed to next step.

Step 7

If you selected to copy over events from an existing season, select which ones you would like to import, then click Create Season.

save image

save image

Step 8

Your newly created season will now be the default season. Be sure to make edits to the registrations you copied over before opening them up to the public. You can change your default season by dragging the arrow icons on the left. Your changes will automatically be saved. (** Your default season will always be the one at the top of your list **)

Step 9

Click "Registrations" at the top of the left navigation and then edit each event in the new season, being sure to review and update event start and end dates, registration open and closing dates, the season to which registrants will be placed, etc.