These are similar to Custom Questions for Event Registration Forms.  Ask any question of the person getting their membership.  The answers come directly from the User during their Membership acquisition and update the Membership database in real time.  You can add or subtract a cost to the existing Membership Fee based on the answers to these questions (ie: what size jerseys for purchase)   Answers can be in multiple check box format (ie:  Select the 3 volunteer positions you like best.)

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.

Step 2

Click Memberships on the left navigation menu.

Step 2

Click Custom Membership Fields at the top.

Step 3

Custom Question options include short and long answers, dropdown list questions, and checkboxes for multi-selection. Click on one of them to create one.

If you have a custom question set up for an event which you would like to copy over, you can do it here as well by clicking Copy from Another Event.

Step 4

Fill out the Custom Question form provided. (This example uses the "Add Drop-Down Question") 

  1. Type out your question.
  2. Include details (for question clarification)
  3. Add a tooltip if necessary. 
  4. Select if it is required to be answered by the registrant or not.
  5. Select whether you want this Custom Question to be displayed to your registrants.
  6. Max Allowed allows the registrant to select a quantity of the drop down selection the choose. (e.g. number of shirts)

Step 5

In this step, add your Options. Type in your option names and select whether you would like to make this option visible to the registrant at this time. You may also choose to add a charge to the option if the registrant selects it. If you do add a charge, don't forget to add the amount.

When you are finished, click Save New Question to finish.