Each user has a Universal Profile which includes name, date of birth, gender, mailing address, email address and phone number. Custom Profile Fields extend a user's profile with information that your organization wants to track. You have the option to add several types of fields and can configure whether the user can see or edit them and whether or not they're required or require administrator approval.

For example, if your organization requires a valid photo ID or certification prior to the registration, you can get the registrant to upload it here and make it "Required" before the user can do anything else. You may also add other field here such as additional contact / emergency contact information etc. 

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.

Step 2

Click Custom Profile Fields in the left navigation menu.

Step 3

Click the green "Add a New Field" button in the top-right corner and choose one of the below field types:

Step 4

Fill in the information as requested. 

  • You can choose to "Display" (or hide) the Custom Profile Field at any time if you are not ready to enable the field for use, or no longer need to collect that information

  • Under the "Visible to User" option, you can make the Custom Profile Field visible to your users, and/or make it required. Making it "required" means the user cannot proceed to do anything else in their user account until they answer the question, or upload the document.

Click Save Changes to save your field.  If you have made it required for the user, then the next time those who have already registered, login to their account, they will be immediately prompted to fill in that information.