Sessions in SMART are effectively a way to organize your event registrations from one session to another.  If you are taking registrations in to leagues or tournaments, you will need to ensure that those sites have new sessions set up so that the new registrants do not get mixed in with last year's.  The SMART registrations and league or tournament session s do not HAVE to align, but usually the registrations and the sites in which the registrations will be placed will all have the same session names.  Once you have your new SMART session created, you may want to look a the knowledge base article for creating new sessions in our League Management tools.

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.


Step 2

In the left navigation menu, click Sessions.

Step 3

Click Add A New Session.

save image

Step 4

Fill in your new session information.

Under the Dates, 2 calendars will pop up; select your session start date on the first calendar, and the end date on the second. 

Then select whether you would like to copy events from a previous session. If so you will get you will get the option to choose which registrations you wish to copy over in the next screen. 

Click Proceed to next step.

Step 5

If you selected to copy over events from an existing session, select which ones you would like to import, then click Create Session.

save image

save image

Step 6

Your newly created session will now be the default session. Be sure to make edits to the registrations you copied over before opening them up to the public. You can change your default session by dragging the arrow icons on the left. Your changes will automatically be saved. (** Your default session will always be the one at the top of your list **)