•  In your SMART administration area, click the "Memberships" link and then the "+ Add a New Membership Type" button

  • Fill in all of the membership details.  Note that some of the items have blue help icons  after them.  Moving your mouse over these icons will display a more in-depth description of that item.

  • If you are offering printable membership cards, select the appropriate card from the "Member Cards" drop-down list.  If the card you want does not exist, select "Create New Card" in the drop-down list and you will be presented with additional fields for creating your membership card.
    • "Standard" should be used for a membership card
    • "Generic Pass" should be used for an event pass or general admission season ticket
    • "Punch Card" should be used to limited use punch cards

  • The "Card Printing" options allow you do select who will be able to print the membership cards.  For punch cards, you should select "Admin Only" so that your members cannot simply print multiple punch cards at their leisure.

  • If the membership card MUST be purchased in conjunction with an event registration, then select "No" for the "Is This Membership Available to Purchase on Its Own?" question.

  • Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before click the "Save New Membership Type" button.

***Take note that all memberships must be paid for at the time of purchase.  There is no option to pay for memberships by check or other non-instant payment method.


Creating a New Membership or Punch Card