When selling a membership or punch card, you can ask additional questions and/or sell add-ons with the purchase.
  1. Once you have your membership offering created (see the related articles links at the bottom of this article) click the "Custom Membership Fields" link in the left navigation of your SMART area.

  2. Click of the question type boxes (Short Answer, Long Answer, Drop-Down List, or Check Box) to add that type of question, reading the descriptions and instructions along the way

  3. For Drop-Down and Check Box questions, you also have the ability to add (or deduct) a charge for each user selectable option.  As an example, you could offer t-shirts for sale by selecting to add a charge and entering the amount associated with each item.

You can create as many Custom Membership Fields as needed, but be aware that they will all be asked regardless of which membership / punch card is being purchased.


Adding a New Membership

Creating a New Membership or Punch Card