To set up a recurring payment for a registration, you need to first create an event/registration. When the user goes to register they will have the option to pay for the fee all at once, or through an installment plan (i.e. Recurring Payment) 

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.


Step 2

Create a New Event Registration. Note that recurring payments are not available for memberships.

Step 3

After creating a registration for your event, you will be asked to add your pricing. Click Add Price.

Step 4

Type in the name you would like to give your pricing (optional) and the amount of the price.

Step 5

Turn on the Installment Payments function by clicking on the slider as shown below.

Step 6

Determine how many recurring payments there will be after the initial payment and type it in the field below.

Step 7

Fill in the the initial payment amount, then the dates to process the remaining recurring payments.

*Note*There is a $0.50 Convenience Fee charged when each scheduled payment is processed. This is in addition to the usual $2.00 charge on the Initial Payment. 

Step 8

Submit your price.