When creating a registration for an event, you may choose to limit the number of participants who can register for it. 

As the administrator, you may still want to continue to accept registrations even if event is full, but not take payments. You can use the option to create a waitlist, and when a spot becomes available you can invite the registrant in the waitlist to the event.

You may also want to create a waitlist only registration if you are unsure if you will have enough registrations for an event.

Limited Wait List / Wait List Only Strategy

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.

Step 2

Follow the standard steps when creating a New Event Registration. When filling out the form, you will see the option to set the maximum number of individual participants. 

Step 3a

To have the system automatically create a waitlist when the registration is full, set Maximum Individual Participants to "Limited," set your limit, and check Create Waitlist when limit is reached to "Yes."

Step 3b

If you are creating a Waitlist Only event, then you should select "Wait-List Only"

Step 4

Once you have opened up registration and registrants have been waitlisted, you are able to see the current number of people registered in your event, and the number of people waitlisted, as shown below.

You can choose to invite a registrant to the event if for example, a spot becomes empty. Click the blue Waitlist button highlighted above to view the waitlist.

Step 5

Here you can select one or more people and either invite or remove them.  Check the appropriate checkboxes and then click either the Invite or Remove button. Clicking the checkbox at the top of the column will select or deselect all of the people in the list.

Step 6

Fill in the Email information and set the time the inivtation expires, then press Send Invite to send the registrant an invitation to the event.

Step 8

If there are people who have been removed from the waitlist, or who were invited but either declined to register or their invitation expired, you can view them by clicking the "Declined, Removed or Expired" tab.  

If necessary, you also have the option to retract an invitation by clicking the Retract button for appropriate record in the wailist table