This article will demonstrate how to add players to the roster of a registered team under your User Account. You will first need to register your team in order to start adding players to the roster. Once you have registered your team you will be able to edit your roster by following the below steps.

Step 1

Login to your User Account.

Step 2

On the left navigation menu, click Registered Teams.

Step 3

Scroll down the page until you see your registered team. Click Edit Roster so you can make changes or add players.

save image

Step 4

Click Add person to "<your team name>"

This function will first retrieve all people listed under your Player Lists (as shown in the next step).

Step 5

If you have an existing player list(s), you can choose the person from your list, select their role and click Add. To add a new person, click Add person not in this list,

Step 6

Fill out the basic personal information as requested. Click Save to continue.

Step 7

The person you just added will be on the player list and you can now add them to the roster. Press the Add button for each person to be added to the team and click Proceed. An invitation will be sent to each person's email address, asking them to login if they already have an account, or create one if they don't yet have one. This section will also show if the player you invited already has paid for their memberships (if applicable to your registration).

Step 8

You will now see that the person has been sent an invitation to join the roster. He/she will need to login to his/her User Account to accept the invitation. You can click Re-Send Invite to resend the invitation or Remove to take the person off of the roster completely.

save image

You can come back to this page to Add or Remove people from the roster and to check on their statuses.  Placing your mouse over the yellow warning icon will give details of what items are still pending and a green check mark will appear once all requirements are met.

You can also view instructions for Accepting an Invitation to a Team