This article will show you how to add items you wish to sell to registrants with a Membership purchase, such as t-shirts, equipment etc.

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.

Step 2

Click Memberships on the left navigation menu.

Step 2

Click Custom Membership Fields at the top.

Step 4

Click Add Drop-Down list. This option also allows you to add additional charges to your registration. For example, you may charge an additional amount if the registrant will be renting equipment.

Step 5

Fill out the Custom Question form provided. Type out your question, and select if it is required to be answered by the registrant or not. Max allowed allows the registrant to select a quantity of the drop down selection the choose. (e.g. number of shirts)

Step 6

Next add your sales list options and add a price to them. When finished click Add this Question.