This Knowledge Base article will guide you through the steps on how to create a registration where registrants can sign up individually into a pool and then assigned to a team afterwards.

*NOTE*: If you are looking to allow TEAMS to register in to your tournament or league, please refer to the below related article:


How to Create Team Registration for Your Tournament or League

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.

Step 2

Select Add New Event at the top right of the page.

Step 3a

In the "Pool" box, if you already have an existing category, select it below and click Set Up Registration buttonthen skip ahead to Step 4. 

If you don't have one created yet, proceed to Step 3b next.

Step 3b

To create a site category, choose ADD NEW CATEGORY from the dropdown.

Step 3c

Fill in your Category information as requested then click Create.

Step 4

Follow through each of the sections and fill in your event information, event and registration dates etc. as requested.

Step 5

Determine if any Memberships are required for your registration and select them from the list.

Step 6

Select an existing waiver or create a new one under the Waivers section.

Step 7

If your registration requires fees, you will need to select the forms of payment the registrants can use and how your organization will pay the processing fees (the user pays, or you pay)

Service Fees (You Pay or User Pay)

Step 8

Carefully read and accept our Terms and Conditions for using the Online Registration system, then click Create Registration

Step 9

Next you will need to create Teams for your registration so you can assign your pool of players to teams later. Click "Create Team Site." This will create a "sub-event" under your "header" event and a Team Site under Team/League Management.

Step 9b

If you have an existing Team Site created, you can choose to carry it over.  Be sure to check the Season for each team and if it is NOT the current season, select "Yes" in the "Create New Season?" column.

If the team you want to add does not already exist, you  create a new team by clicking the Add New Team button.

Step 9c

Fill in the name of your team, the type of sport, season name, then click Add Team.

Step 10

Now you are ready to open registration.  Once you have a pool of registered players, you can start assigning players to their teams. Please refer to the below KB on how to assign your pool of unassigned players to teams.


Assign Players/Rosters Tool