Flexible Installments allow the team manager to choose installment (recurring) payments to either be automatically charged on their own credit card or to spread the amount owed (after the initial payment) amongst the players on their team.

Step 1

You will first need to create a team registration for your tournament or league if you haven't done so already.


How to Create Team Registration for Your Tournament or League

Step 2

Your newly created team registration will now need pricing set. Click on Pricing & Age Restrictions under the Actions menu.

Step 3

Click Add Team Price on the top right of the page.

Step 4

Type in the name you would like to give your pricing (optional) and the amount of the team price for those who choose to pay the full amount up front.

Step 5

Turn on the Installment Payments function by clicking on the slider as shown below.

Step 6

Determine how many recurring payments there will be after the initial payment and type it in the field below.

Step 7


In this step, you can choose whether to automatically charge the team manager's credit card based on a set payment schedule by choosing Strict Installments, or to allow the team manager to pay the initial deposit and then spread the remaining amount owing amongst the players on his/her team's roster by choosing Flexible Installments.


Step 8

Enter in the initial payment amount, the dates that each installment is due, and the amount owed for each installment.

Step 9

Submit your price.