Step 1


First Login to Your Administrator Account.

Step 2

Click News from the administrator navigation menu, then click to Add a New Article.

Step 3

Next fill out the News article form provided. You can choose which site(s) this article will be displayed using the Show On settings. Optionally, you can also set your article to automatically start displaying on a certain date and time, and be automatically taken down on a specified date and time.

By default, the Published setting will be set to Yes; however, if you want to disable this article you can set Published to No

Step 4

Write your News article in the space provided. You can use the Online Editor tools to format your text, add images, or link to other sites or pages.  

For details on how to add links and images, please see the below related help desk articles

Step 5

You are able to associate your article with a specific game in your site's game schedule, as either a News Article, a Game Preview, or a Game Recap.  Select the type of game association for the article and, if applicable, select the Site, Season, Game Date, and Game with which the article should be associated.

Step 6

When done, click the blue Save Article button at the bottom of the form