This article will show you how to add pictures to your text using the Online Text Editor.

Note that not all text editors in the administration area will have the ability to add photos/pictures
NOTE: When adding images only add them using the method shown below. Do not copy and paste images as you may end up with problems displaying the page or editing them later.

Step 1


First Login to Your Administrator Account.

Step 2

Here are some pages in the administration area where the text editor has the image upload function:

Step 3

When you reach the text editor, click the Image icon. An Image Properties box will appear. 

Step 4

If your image is located on a website outside enter the exact URL location in the box below. Otherwise click Browse Server to upload a picture from your computer to our site, then select it.

Step 5

If you like, you can create a New Folder in which to store your image(s) on our server. Enter the name of your new folder. Click on your New Folder to enter it.

Step 6

A File Manager window will pop up. Choose the  icon to choose a picture from your computer, then press Upload. Wait for it to finish uploading.

Step 7

Click the image you just uploaded.

Step 8

Use the provided settings to edit your image.  Take special note of the "Width" option which will allow you to resize larger images to fit properly within your custom page. Press OK when finished.


Step 9

Scroll down to the bottom of your image and press Select.

Step 10

You have successfully uploaded an image for your Custom Page. If you need to edit the size of your image, just right click on your image and press Image Properties.

Step 11

If you would like to link your image to an URL click the Link tab, enter the URL and set the target (where the link should open; new window, same window, new tab, etc.). Press OK to save your changes.