If someone drops out, changes their mind, gets hurt, etc. you are able to delete their registration for the event they registered for.

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.

Step 2

Next to the event of where the registrant is currently in, select the Actions menu then select View Registrants.

Step 3

From the registrant list, find the player you wish to delete from the registration, select Delete from the Actions menu dropdown.

Step 4a


In an effort to streamline processing payments and receiving payments on your end, you may have been notified to set up your own merchant account in early 2020 within SMART (under Banking Details). With your own Merchant Account, you will now be able to process refunds directly from the system without having to handle it from your organization/club's end as in the past.

If your organization has already been handling refunds using your own process/merchant account previously before the 2020 update, please skip to Step 4b below.

Instead of the "Delete" button shown in Step 3, you will now see the Delete and/or Refund button now.

A modal will then pop up and you can select to whether to remove them entirely from the registration and issue partial, full, or no refund. If you are issuing a Partial Refund, you will need to enter the amount.

Next, you will choose the Refund Method from the dropdown box below. If you are issuing a credit card refund, the system will automatically take care of the refund process and issue the refund back to the registrant's credit card. If you select Cash/Check, you will need to handle the refund process directly from your end. All changes will be recorded in the Payment Report for your records. 

Confirm the final details of the refund you are processing. Click Yes Delete to confirm. An email confirmation will be sent to the registrant confirming their refund.

Step 4b

A window will popup asking you to confirm the deletion.  You can select Full Refund, Partial Refund, or No Refund from the dropdown, then click Delete.

The system does NOT automatically refund the registration fees. If a payment was processed via your own Internet merchant account, you can issue the monetary refund via your provider. If it was processed using esportsdesk.com’s Internet merchant account on your behalf, you should issue a check or credit directly to the registrant. You’ll want to make sure that your refund policy is clear in terms of what amount gets refunded/held back in various situations.


If you'd like to review the payment details, the Payment Report is available via the link in the left navigation menu.

Note that within the Payment Report, you can choose to Generate a Report by Player which will group any transactions for the same player together, making it easier to see.