Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.


Step 2

Create a New Event Registration. Note that Pricing by Age for a registration only works for team, league or tournament site registration, event registration, and category registration.

Step 3

After creating a registration for your event, you will be asked to add your pricing. Click Add Price.

Step 4

Fill in your price name and prices.

Step 5

To Restrict Pricing by Age, check off the checkbox as shown below, then select whether to restrict registrants by birth year, or by age and date (e.x. If a registrant is required to be a certain age by the event start date). Otherwise choose Birth Year as this will cover most scenarios if a registrant becomes of an eligible age during the event.

Fill in the information as requested.

Press Click to submit price when finished.

Step 5

Follow the Step 3 again to another pricing based on age. In the below example, we added one more pricing age group for reference.