If you have been invited to join a team roster, you will receive a notification via email and will be presented with a notification when you login to your esportsdesk.com User Account.

 Step 1

Login to your User Account if you already have one, or Create a User Account if you don't already have one.

NOTE: Be sure to use the same email address the team manager used when they invited you to be on the team. If you have an existing esportsdesk Account with any current memberships still valid, please inform your manager right away so he can send you the invitation to the correct esportsdesk Account email address.

Step 2

Once logged in, you should see a notification box similar to the one below. Click Accept to accept the invitation to the team roster.

Step 3

Once you accept the invitation, you will be prompted to enter any information required by the organization.  A few examples of such information are "Government Issued Photo ID", "Height" and "Citizenship". The below dialog box will allow you to answer question(s) and upload files as needed.

Step 3a
To add a file, press Choose File.

Step 3b

Choose the file from your computer and press Open.

Step 3c

Click Save to upload your file.

Step 4


You will need to accept any Waivers, purchase any required Memberships, and answer any Custom Questions as required by the organization in order to play.  To do this, press Accept/Complete to view any pending Waivers or Custom Questions. 

save image

Step 5

To purchase a required membership, click Purchase Membership, then you will be taken to the next page where you will choose your membership to purchase. Choose the correct one (if applicable) and click Continue.

save image

Step 6

Answer the Custom Questions and read/accept the Waiver(s). Press Continue to finish.

Step 7

If there are any fees for you to pay, a Pay Now button will appear. Click on the button and follow through the process to make your payment.  Once complete, or if there were no fees for you to pay, you will be successfully added to the team roster, as shown below.

If there are any Waivers to accept or complete, repeat Steps 4 - 6. Once you are done, you should see the following box below with both Membership purchased and event waivers completed.

save image