The Report Generator allows you to create custom, detailed reports of your users, registrations, and/or membership purchases. You can generate reports which include personal information (first/last names, gender, address, email, etc) Upon generating the report, you will also get the option to extract it to a Microsoft Excel format.

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.

Step 2

Click on Report Generator (Beta) on the left navigation menu.

save image

Step 3

Click Create A New Report.

Step 4

Type in the name of your report. 

If your registration or membership sign up included Custom Questions and you wish to include those in your report, select the appropriate event from the "Event" drop-down list.

Step 5a

If you selected an event in the step above, you will need to first Save & Run so the Columns Available can update to include the Custom Questions; otherwise, skip to Step 5c

Step 5b

Click Edit Report to go back to editing your Report.

Step 5c

Choose the columns you wish to be displayed in your report. Drag and drop the tiles on the left and put them on the right.

If you have selected to show Custom Questions, drag those tiles to the right. The registrant's responses to each Custom Question will show in the generated report.

Step 6

If you would like to generate a more specific report, such as where registrants only answered "Yes" to a certain question, or live in a certain area, etc., you can add filters here.

Under "All Filters", all criteria set under here MUST BE MET.


  • Registrant is female AND
  • Selected Yes for a question AND
  • Has a specific membership type

So this report will only show registrants of which who are female, selected "Yes" for the chosen Custom Question, and have a certain membership type. 

If a registrant doesn't meet all 3 criteria, they will not show up in the report.

Under "Any Filters" AT LEAST ONE of the criteria set


  • Registrant lives in City#1 OR
  • Lives in City #2

This report will show registrants who either live in City #1 or City #2. 

As long as a registrant meets at least one of the criteria above, they will show up in the report.

Step 7

Your report will be generated here. You can click on the columns to sort alphabetically/numerically 

You can also Export your generated report to a Microsoft Excel File. Click Export to save to your computer.