Step 1

Login to your User Account if you already have one, or Create a User Account if you don't already have one.

Step 2

Click the "Register Now" button (at the top of the page) and then click the blue Register Now button for the specific item you would like to register for.

Step 3

Click the Team Registration button.

Step 3

Answer any Custom Questions (e.x. Team Name) or read/accept the Waiver(s) as required. then press Continue.

Step 4

When completed, you will be directed to your Shopping Cart. You can view or edit the details of each item or remove them from your cart. From here, you can Check Out and make your payment to complete your purchase or Keep Shopping to add more memberships and/or registrations for you or your other family members.

Step 5

After you have checked out successfully, you will be taken to the "Select Player List" page. If you have existing player lists you can select one here, or create a new one. Then click Proceed to next step.

save image

Step 6

On this "Edit Roster" page, you will select, from your list of players, who you want to be on your team's roster. Click Add for each player you want to be on your roster, then click Proceed to save your selections.