This guide will show you how to register a team, paying an initial deposit, and then split the remaining amount owed between the players on your team's roster.

 Step 1

Login to your User Account, or Create a User Account if you don't already have one.


Step 2

Select the team registration you would like to sign up for.


Step 3

In this step, you will get to choose whether you would like to:

  1. Pay for the full amount up front
  2. Pay the initial deposit on your credit card and then have all the installments charged to that same credit card, as per the payment schedule
  3. Pay the initial deposit now, by credit card, and then spread the remaining amount owed amongst the players on your team's roster

To split the payments between your players, choose option 3. Then fill in your Team Name, then press Continue.

*NOTE* Your initial deposit/payment MUST be paid by Credit Card.

Step 4

Review the items and amounts in your Shopping Cart and then check out and pay for your registration using your Credit Card. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful check out.

Step 5

After successful checkout, your dashboard will show how much you have paid so far, the amount still owing, and the amount assigned to the players on your team's roster.

Step 6

Next add players to your roster so you can start splitting your payments amongst your players (explained in step 7 below).

Step 7

To assign an amount for a player, click the Pencil icon.

Step 8

Assign the amount he/she will pay of the total team cost, then click the Save icon.

When the player you invited has accepted your invitation to join your team, they will see the amount you assigned to them and the amount they owe. They will be able to make a payment directly from their account by clicking the blue Pay Now button.