Get Payment Reports by Person 

Process a Check / Money Order Payment to Payment Report Offline

How to Process a Credit Card Payment Manually Offline

Here are some helpful hints for using the Payment Report: 

  • Filtering Displayed Records

    The "Filter" at the top-left of the listing of payment records, allows you to filter the results on pretty much any information (i.e. a name, a payment type, an action, a dollar amount, etc.). The boxes at the top which show the total amounts will update automatically based on the filtered results. For example, if you filter on "Check", the records shown in the table will only be those paid by check and the totals at the top will only include payments by check.

  • Scrolling the Payment Report Left and Right

    There are many columns in the Payment Report... you can see them by scrolling the report area itself to the right. TIP: Holding the SHIFT key down and scrolling your mouse wheel up/down, while your mouse pointer is over top of the payment records will scroll the table left and right. You can of course simply drag the scrollbar left and right as well, or if you have a touch screen device, you can swipe left and right with your finger.

  • Showing and Hiding Columns

    The "Columns" drop-down, at the top-right of the payment table, allows you to pick and choose which columns are displayed. Click a column name to show or hide it to suit your needs.

  • Primary and Secondary Column Sorting

    You can have up to 2 columns sorted at the same time for viewing convenience.  This is helpful when you want to group like events together as well as order by the trasaction date

  1.  Click the Events column to sort to group events in ascending order. This will be your primary sort column.

  2.  Hold down the SHIFT key and click on the Date column. The date column will now be your secondary sort column.



  • Additional Search Options

    You can use the "Additional Search Options" box to look up a specific Transaction ID. Click Update after entering the transaction ID selecting your Payment and Action filters.

  • Finding Associated Records

    You can also click the TXN ID link of a record to show all records associated with that transaction.

    • Clicking the TXN ID for a Delete record finds the original registration record
    • Clicking the TXN ID for a Payout record gets all of the transactions which are part of that payout
    • Clicking the TXN ID for a Registration record finds all related installment records