The Detailed View in SMART allows you to view the settings of all your registrations without having to open each one individually in "List View." The benefits also include:

  • The ability to edit multiple event registration settings at once (Descriptions, Pricing, Dates, etc.)
  • Quick editing and automatic saving of edits with only a few clicks
  • Global overview to see if all your settings are in order before opening up registrations to the public

 Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.

Step 2

Access Detailed View by clicking the Registrations dropdown at the top of the page.

Step 3

The page will now display all of your season's registrations with all of their settings. Access the tabs at the top to view other settings such as Contact Information, Details, Fees, etc.

Step 4

If you would like to make a quick edit to a setting, simply click on the blue dotted line as shown below. A modal will pop up which will allow you to make the relevant changes.

Click Update when finished and the changes will be saved automatically.

Step 5a

If you would like to make or see changes using the event page instead, you can click on the "Actions" menu next to the registration.

Step 5b

You can alternatively switch back to List View and do it the original way. Switch back to "List View" then click Edit on the event you would like to review the settings for.