Here are some helpful hints when creating sub-events:

Use the "Copy Event" Function to Save Time

After you have created your first sub-event, you can use the "Copy Event" function to copy the event details you have set up previously and you can tweak it as necessary afterwards to edit the sub-event name, pricing, dates, etc.

Setting Multiple Prices for Sub-events

Note: If all your sub-events have the same price, you can just simply set it at the Header event.

In order to set separate prices for your sub-events, you must set your Header event to be FREE. (See below)

Once you have set your Header event to FREE, then you set your Sub-events to be NOT FREE afterwards (See below)

Now you can add your pricing for this sub-event.

Limiting Number of Spots

You can set the Participant Limit in the Header event (total spots available for all sub-events added together) and/or in each sub-event (limit the spots for each sub-event)


Making Waitlists and Sending Invitations 

Set Different Waivers for Sub-Events

You can set a general waiver that is shared among your other sub-events. If your sub-events require different waivers, you can set them individually by clicking "Edit" for that sub-event and going to the Waivers section to set it there.

If you set a waiver in the Header event, you will see it listed in the sub-event's Waiver section as well.