You can ask your registrants Custom Questions that may be related to your registration. You might ask for jersey sizes, or use function to sell Club equipment if you wish.

Step 1

Login to your Administrator account and access the SMART Administration area of your account.

Step 2

Create or finish creating your Event Registration


Step 3

Choose the event you wish to add Custom Questions for by clicking the Actions menu and selecting Custom Questions.


Step 4

Custom Question options include short and long answers, dropdown list questions, and checkboxes for multi-selection. Click on one of them to create one. If you have Custom Questions created from another event, you can choose to copy it over to this event instead without having to re-enter it again, saving time.


How to Copy Over Custom Questions from Another Event

Step 5a

Fill out the Custom Question form provided. (This example uses the "Add Drop-Down Question") 

  1. Type out your question.
  2. Include details (for question clarification)
  3. Add a tooltip if necessary. 
  4. Select if it is required to be answered by the registrant or not.
  5. Select whether you want this Custom Question to be displayed to your registrants.
  6. Max Allowed allows the registrant to select a quantity of the drop down selection the choose. (e.g. number of shirts)

Step 5b

If you have a Team Registration set up, you will get an additional option called "Team Only". With this option, you can choose whether this Custom Question applies to the person who registers the team or the player/personnel (Individuals) who sign up for the team. 

Choose "Yes" if this questions applies to the person who registers the team, and "No" if it applies to the Individual.


Step 6

In this step, add your Options. Type in your option names and select whether you would like to make this option visible to the registrant at this time. You may also choose to add a charge to the option if the registrant selects it. If you do add a charge, don't forget to add the amount.

When you are finished, click Save New Question to finish.