In Front Desk Tools, you can view the list of users who have accounts created under your organization. You can search up a user to review / edit their profiles.

Step 1

Login to Front Desk Tools.

Step 2

Once you login into Front Desk Tools, you will see the list of users who have an account, registered or made purchases with your organization (underneath Search for an Account).

Clicking on the ID# will open the selected user's profile page where you can review their information and edit their profile. You can also use the search box to find a specific user.

Step 3

Clicking the Edit button will allow you to make changes to the user profile. Note that some fields are not editable as it may affect the user's eligibility for certain events (i.e. gender, date of birth). Furthermore, the user may be using the same account to sign up for events with a different organization. Please contact "" if you wish to make changes to non-editable fields. Be sure to click Save Changes to make sure any changes you make are saved in the system.

save image

You will also be able to re-send confirmation emails of the user's registration if they request it. Click the envelope icon to resend the confirmation.