The user you are registering for must have an account in order for the registration to work. This article will show you how to search for an existing user account so you sign up the correct person, as well as what to do if there isn't an existing account under their name.

Step 1

Login to Front Desk Tools.

Step 2

As the Front Desk Person, enter the registrant's first name and last name (email address is optional for searching) under the Search For an Account box and press the search button to check for an existing account.

If you get an alert saying "No Match Found" (or if there is a match but it isn't the correct person), you will need to create a new account for them. Click below to read how.


Search for an Existing User Account (FDT)

Create a New User Account (FDT)

Step 3

If the correct match is found, select the appropriate person and then click the Register in an Event button.

Step 4


Click Team Registration for the event they wish to register for 

Step 5


In this step, you will get to choose whether they would like to:

  1. Pay for the full amount up front
  2. Pay the initial deposit on your credit card and then have all the installments charged to that same credit card, as per the payment schedule, or
  3. Pay the initial deposit now, by credit card, and then spread the remaining amount owed amongst the players on your team's roster

Select the third option so they can pay the deposit now and spread the amount remainder owing amongst their players.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This option is also the best choice for teams who are not paying the full amount up front and do not want to have the installments automatically charged to their credit card on the set installment schedule

Fill in the Team Name, then press Continue.

Step 6

Select the appropriate method of payment, then press Check Out.  Each Front Desk Tools administrator may have access to different payment options.

You can now lookup the user who you just registered the team for by searching their name and clicking on their ID Number. 

Among other things, the User's Profile page allows you to adjust upcoming installment payment dates and amounts. 

You can also process additional payments towards the team by clicking Make a Payment.