's Volunteer Manager is an all in one volunteer management solution that streamlines the onboarding of volunteers, job configuration, shift scheduling and communication processes.

This Knowledge Base will guide you in setting up your volunteer manager.

Step 1: Set Up Roles

Roles define the ways your users interact with your organization. For example your organization may have roles such as Doctor, Paramedic, Referee, Coach, etc.

Creating Roles for Volunteer Manager

Step 2: Create Role Groups

You can manage your roles by creating a grouping for it.

Adding a Role Group


Step 3: Create a Volunteer Event (Registration)

Step 3a:

You will first need to create a Volunteer Type registration so you can assign jobs and shifts from the Volunteer Manager in the next steps. Be sure to select Volunteer when creating the event.


Create an Event Registration

Step 3b:

Fill in the volunteer event details as required.

Under the Roles section, you can choose whether to allow volunteers to choose their own role(s), OR have roles automatically assigned to them once they register. Select the roles that the registrant can choose from or be automatically assigned depending on what setting you choose.

Agree to the terms and conditions at the end to complete your volunteer registration setup.

Step 4: Create Volunteer Manager Instance

Before you can start assigning jobs and shifts for your volunteer event, you will need create a Volunteer Manager Instance for you volunteer event. 

Create a Volunteer Manager Instance

Step 5: Create Jobs, Shifts, and Locations

Now that you have your Instance set up, it is time to add your jobs and shifts (so you can assign them to available volunteers), and shift locations.

Creating Jobs in Volunteer Manager

Creating Shifts in Volunteer Manager

Creating Locations in Volunteer Manager

Step 6: Assigning Shifts

Now it is time to assign shifts. Please read the below guide on how to assign shifts to your volunteers.

Assigning Shifts in Volunteer Manager